Educational Consulting

With a comprehensive knowledge of schools and their available support services, Marc Hoffman helps families determine the best way to meet each child’s individual challenges.

Guidance for Educational Decision Making

When a child is struggling to learn, parents often need advice about what steps to take and where to find support. As an educational consultant, Marc Hoffman helps students and families put the pieces together and clarify their options.

Educational consulting can range from providing appropriate referrals for evaluations, lining up in-home academic coaching and tutoring, school placement guidance, and when necessary, helping parents understand the education advocacy process.

Whether your concern is how to be a stronger advocate for your child, or where to find the right supplemental resources, Marc’s advice can help map out a strategy, and insure that an appropriate plan is in place.

For Educational Advice and Support, Call Us

As educational consultants, we specialize in developing personal solutions for a wide range of students.

Call for a free consultation. We can provide a blueprint and a roadmap, to help you determine the appropriate steps to take to help your child.

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