Academic Coaching

Improving Organization Skills, Time Management, and Study Skills

Academic coaching is a distinctive form of tutoring to help the struggling student improve organization and study skills, and acquire the habits they need to succeed in school.

Organizational Coaching: A Solid Foundation

Some students do poorly in school, not because the material is too hard, but because they lack effective organizational skills and study habits. Through personal mentoring, your child will gain hands-on practice being a more effective student. A personal organizational and study skills coach will work with your student in the context of his or her current curriculum — daily homework, long term written assignments, and preparing for tests — to develop important habits for a more successful school experience:

  • Maintaining a Planner
  • Time Management and Proactive Planning
  • Organization at Home and in School
  • Effective Study Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Self-Advocacy

As students develop new habits and begin to see their efforts pay off, it can have a profound effect on confidence, motivation, and grades.

Less Stress for Families

Many parents find that academic coaching is especially helpful when school becomes a battle-ground between parent and child. Academic coaches can alleviate stress between parent and child. Students tend to be less threatened and more responsive to taking direction from a coach than from a parent. A coach can build rapport, and implement structure when needed, which many parents find difficult to establish with a resistant child. Instead of fighting over homework, poor grades and study habits, sometimes it helps to take the parent out of the middle.

Your Child Needs Organizational Help, Call Us

The academic coaches working through Hoffman Education specialize in developing personal solutions for a wide range of students, including students with ADHD  and executive function difficulties . The academic coaches will help determine whether academic coaching is right for your child.

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