ADHD / Executive Functioning

Our view of learning disability remediation is straightforward: all students are able to learn. That’s why we prefer the term “Learning Difference” to “Learning Disability”. When people learn differently, it does not mean they cannot learn – it simply means they need to recognize the ways they learn best.

Carefully designed learning strategies help individuals improve in each of these areas. The learning specialists begin with a thorough evaluation of the student’s school performance, testing, and parental input. They then develop an individualized program, to address the specific areas necessary for learning: focus, working memory, processing speed, visual processing, and auditory processing, among others.

The given approach of the learning specialist is designed to empower students to overcome their learning issues and to see these issues as strengths rather than weaknesses. They help each student to understand his or her strengths and learning style, reducing frustration and transforming learning into the positive experience it should be.

Executive Function and ADHD Coaching

Students with ADHD and/or other executive function difficulties face significant challenges when it comes to focusing on schoolwork, organization and time management.

Academic coaching is a unique form of tutoring that helps students with these learning issues develop new habits for a more successful school experience. Within a one-to-one mentoring relationship, students with ADHD or other executive functioning issues develop the study skills and habits that will help them succeed:

  • Recording assignments and keeping a calendar
  • Managing homework and long-term assignments
  • Organization at home and in school
  • Time management
  • Proactive planning
  • Goal setting and follow through
  • Study skills strategies
  • Self advocacy

For Help With ADHD or Executive Functioning

The learning specialists working through Hoffman Education specialize in developing personal solutions for a wide range of students. Call for a free consultation.

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