Study Skills

Study Skills Tutors Help Improve Grades

Study skills are not innate, yet many schools spend little or no time helping students develop the skills they need to do well. Unlike study skills classes or workshops, our personal study skills tutors work closely with students in the context of their current workload. They use the student’s own homework, long term written assignments, and upcoming tests to teach better techniques and strategies for:

  • Reading Texts
  • Outlining and Note-Taking
  • Completing Homework
  • Studying For and Taking Tests
  • Time Management and Organization Skills

Study skills tutoring can be very useful for the student who is doing well, but wants additional strategies to take their academic effectiveness to the next level.

Academic Coaching For Struggling Students

Academic Coaches are special organizational and study skills tutors who work with increased focus on organization, proactive planning, goal setting and motivation, in addition to basic study skills. Through personalized mentoring, your child will gain hands-on practice being a more effective student, often with a profound impact on confidence, motivation, and achievement. (Learn more)

When Your Child Is Struggling, Call Us

The tutors specialize in developing personal solutions for a wide range of students, and can help you determine whether study skills tutoring or academic coaching is right for your child. Questions? Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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