SAT Vocabulary Building Tips (Part Two)

6 Online SAT Vocabulary Resources for Your Student:

When it comes to learning SAT Vocabulary, reading is a natural vocabulary enhancer. So what do you do if your student doesn’t really like to read? Don’t despair. There are many other ways to learn new words. Your student can enrich his or her vocabulary via online resources and other helpful methods:

  • Access vocabulary websites on the internet and take vocab quizzes. There are dozens of websites designed to teach vocabulary in a fun, interactive way. Two great ones are here and here.
  • Subscribe to a free “word a day” service via the internet. Your son or daughter will receive a new word in his or her inbox every single day, will learn synonyms and antonyms for the given vocabulary word, and will read a sentence to show how the word is used. The Merriam Webster website and are just two of many services that offer daily emails.
  • Learn common suffixes, prefixes and Latin roots to help decipher unfamiliar words. The College Board seems to gravitate towards words with Latin roots. Even if your child does not study Latin as a language, he or she can explore this website from geocities, or this website from wikipedia to learn basic Latin word routes.  The more familiar your child becomes with some Latin basics, the better he’ll get at figuring out unfamiliar words.

When it comes to SAT vocabulary building at your house, do you have any helpful tips to add to this list?

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