Private tutors in Fairfield County

Whether your child has always found academic studies challenging, or is a high-achieving student going through a rough patch, Hoffman Education can help.

Our private tutors in Fairfield County will quickly identify problem areas, helping your child to overcome associated issues like stress, a drop in grades, and difficulty completing compulsory homework.

Whether your child requires private tutors in Fairfield County long or short term, we can provide it in the comfort and security of your own home.

Private tutors in Fairfield County: home visits

Hoffman Education does not just assign students willy-nilly. We take the time to first understand your child’s learning needs. Within 24 hours of your initial consultation with Hoffman, we will secure the right educator for the job.

Hoffman Education’s private tutors teach:

  • College Level
  • French
  • Physics
  • Reading
  • Spanish
  • Math
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Study Skills
  • Reading Skills

To set up an initial consultation today complete our online form or call 1.203.536.1044.

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