Building Math Skills: Resource Round-Up

teaching mathMany people…adults and kids…say that they just aren’t good at math. We hate hearing that!

We can help young kids develop math literacy from an early age, by using everyday situations to teach the most elementary concepts…money (financial literacy), cooking (measurement), even football season gives ample opportunity to reinforce basic math concepts.

As kids get older, the concepts become more challenging, but there are many excellent online reference tools. Here are 3 online math-oriented websites that we’d like to share:

The Khan Acadamy has literally thousands of videos organized by subject. You have to see it to believe it…and if your kids don’t know about this site, they should!

Shmoop is known for their lively and fun approach; check out their math section, which spans Arithmetic through Geometry.

Drexel Math Forum provides an exhaustive list of math resources organized by subject and level, Arithmetic through Calculus and beyond!

When math is taught well, we can create kids who love math — or at least don’t feel negatively about it.  As educators, we strive to teach the why over the how, so that math  concepts make sense.

What is it about math that is so intimidating, why do you think so many students lack math confidence?

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