Hoffman Education’s carefully screened Special Education Advocates

The education system can prove tricky to navigate at the best of times. But when your child has special education needs that perhaps aren’t being met it can become particularly fraught.

Hoffman Education is here to help. We work directly with special education advocates and special education attorneys to:

  • Assess your child’s education record
  • Review your child’s individual education plan
  • Attend key academic meetings as advocate
  • Conduct parent coaching in advance of school meetings
  • Conduct due process mediation

Special Educations Advocates supporting vulnerable children

Our Special Educations Advocates, in partnership with Hoffman Education, work with children to help them express their own strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, they liaise with parents to establish a home environment that fosters learning.

Speaking of learning, to discover how Hoffman Education can help both parents and child is as simply as making a phone call to 1.203.536.1044. Schedule an appointment for an initial free consultation today.


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